Nine Dime Native (910)

It's hard coming up with honest and clever sales pitches. But I'm just a kid from Jacksonville, NC with a dream. And I want to put on for this city. It's not even a city, But We Are a City at Heart. We're a Big Melting Pot of Diversity. 

Also I want y'all looking fresh without dropping a BAG at Buckle, A.E., Forever 21 etc.

Be Honest, Even If We DIDN'T Offer:

  •  Free Shipping
  • Low Pricing
  • Multiple Variations

You'd STILL want these items because you won't be wearing the same thing as everyone else in Jacksonville

This Ain't No Middle of the Mall!


Know Your Roots...New Streetwear-Minimalistic Items Added Monthly...

Once It's Sold Out It's Gone...Forever

910 Native Items are Made-To-Order

Allows 2 Weeks for Items to Arrive as High Volume is Expected