The Kare Collection

***Selling 100 Or So Of The Current Hoodie To Re-Invest In The Brand  And Come Out With Custom Designer Denims And Fabrics Each Person Who Orders The Current Hoodie Will Recieve 20% Off Code For Designer Denim Release and Prosthetic and Regular Lingerie Underwear and Designer Wigs For Woman With Alopecia***

***Arrives 3-5 Days After Order***

This Collection is inspired by my mom Karen, a 2X Breast Cancer Survivor.

My goal is to create a Foundation in her name with Premium products that not only provide support visually and physically, but start off donating 1/3 of Total Sales to Breast Cancer Research.

I'm genuinely doing this because I love my Mom, and I want to turn that situation into a blessing. With that being said. I DO want to buy a house from this. I DO want to put here in early retirement. And once I did, I would then start putting 100% of Total Sales into Breast Cancer Research. I have other brands I can make money off of. I just want to set my mom up right first, and then take Kare, (see what I did there), of myself. The products you see now are just items to support the brand so I can then invest in buying higher quality products that are even considered designer style, all for a reasonable, respectable price.

This is just a sidebar of why I believe my mom truly deserves this even more, even though it's obvious why she does, the first time my mom had BC, I was 7, I didn't know, I was a happy luckily, blessed, spoiled kid. I had gotten my first phone at age 7. I felt so cool. My mom would have to go somewhere after work, so instead of going home I would go a couple houses down the street to my friends house and hang with them, and I would text her that I made it from the school bus. Little did I know the whole reason I got my phone was because she was going to get chemotherapy done, and needed to make sure she had direct contact with me still, and I was going to the friends house to be babysat basically beyond me knowing it.

Dad wasn't there when this happened, he was deployed for the first time to Iraq. He did 20 Years in the Marines. She didn't tell him until a bit of time later because she didn't want him to be distracted...I can go on and on about the things my mom has done independently but this is already a long read. I will make short films and visuals for this brand, just give me time. Remember that's just the First time she was diagnosed. She had it 2X, and so did her sister, and she unfortunately lost her Best Friend to it, which is why she decided to get a double Masectomy...Imagine doing that to SURVIVE but fearing your husband won't love you anymore or be attracted to you. My mom didn't think of that..she thought of ME. This Is Why I'm Doing This. She Deserves It.

My mom DESERVES this. She deserves so much more than I can give her. I just want to make a remarkable brand that gives back to her and the ones who also were affected. She's been in a Military Magazine for being a Strong Independent Military Wife for the reason I just explained. Check out our Instagram for images of the magazine.

Each month I will post a picture of receipt of my donation to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation on our IG @thekarecollection 

My name is Christian Gordon, (@chriscopernicus on IG), and I thank you for taking your time to read this, and I'd appreciate it even more if you support!

I've been scared of making this brand thinking of what others would think. But I know I can do good from this.....Who else is creating a brand whose soul purpose is to inspire and give back and still give reasonable pricing...No One...So I Will.

I have so much in store for this. I've dreamed of this. When I first thought of the idea my head tingled. Weird right but I took it as like a weird sign to do it.

I was thinking of my Mom I had just talked to her via text or call. I was thinking "Man I'm so lucky to have her", I swear to God.  And then I thought of her name and was like...Karen....KARE...For One Another..And I can donate some to Breast Cancer Research!! *Head Tingles* and that's where I thought about it more. I'm finally taking action and doing this.

God Bless